About BBC Worldwide Labs

'It brings leading edge innovation into the heart of BBC Worldwide to deliver transformative business impact.'

Over the last five years, BBC Worldwide Labs (Labs) has worked with over 30 startups. Our initial model was that of a traditional corporate accelerator, offering mentoring and an opportunity for a commercial partnership with BBC Worldwide. Our strategic approach to understanding the areas of expertise the business required let us being flexible in our call for entries. This opened up opportunities for a variety of digital media startups, which led to some really successful partnerships with companies including SeenIt, Affinio, CrowdEmotion, and most recently Metadrift who have just signed a deal with

But we don’t want to leave the innovation to chance! Hence the transformation of Labs into an incubator of innovation focused on a range of business opportunities enabled by digital disruption . The relaunch focuses Labs’ innovation on specific opportunities that we invite startups, scale-ups, established businesses and, in some instances, individuals, to derive benefits from together.

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If you are successful, we will invite you to run a pilot with us. If it meets criteria we specify together at the beginning of the project, we will work with you on scaling it up and deploying it across our global business, and digital partners.

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