Games and Entertainment

Our team is responsible for developing video games and interactive products that bring the BBC brands to a global audience and allow fans to interact and engage with their favorite characters and shows.   We are responsible for developing mobile, console and Virtual Reality (VR) games for brands including Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth, Dancing with the Stars and many more. We’ve had over 40 million downloads of our mobile titles and licensed our brands into major console titles such as Lego Dimensions and Forza Motorsports.

Augmented and Mixed Reality Products

We are looking for new and innovative ways of commercializing Artificial Reality (AR).

We would like to work with a dynamic and innovative company to create and distribute (after a successful trial), a range of fun and engaging Mixed Reality products connecting fans of our brands with their favorite characters and stories.

As a minimum, the products should be commercially viable, reflect core principles of our brands and provide fun and engaging experience which extends enjoyment of our brands. Additional requirements include ability to published globally, be easily localised and available in multiple languages.

The products should appeal to a wide range of audiences, years, and be accessible by a casual users of AR technology currently available, while still generating deep engagement.

We are looking companies with AR products who can also work with us to develop AR concepts linked to our franchise brands. The brands we are focusing at the moment are Top Gear, BBC Earth, CBeebies and Doctor Who.

Please note, we will not consider marketing pitches or products with a niche appeal.

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