Global Brands

Our portfolio includes an array of the BBC’s biggest global franchise brands. We are responsible for leading the development and growth of these brands to ensure they continue to surprise and delight our global audiences and be competitive in an increasingly saturated market.

The brands include the world’s no.1 TV motoring entertainment show, Top Gear, where we see global roll-out of the latest series and local format versions in China, the USA, France, Italy and South Korea. In addition to world-renowned entertainment format Dancing with the Stars, the international version of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Sherlock, BBC Earth (incl. Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II), Hey Duggee and many other brands which represent bold British creativity. The team covers a wide range of skills including: marketing and franchise brand management; digital marketing (web, social, CRM); creative campaign development and production; events and trade shows; commercial partnership development and research & insights.

We are not limited to existing IP and are able to leverage our creativity and expertise to create new and original digital first content.

The team covers a wide range of functions including: marketing and franchise brand management; digital marketing (web, social, CRM); creative campaign development and production; events and trade shows; commercial partnership development, digital commissioning and research & insights.

Collectively we support 29 websites in seven languages, 6 social platforms, 12 global social profiles and 8 global YouTube channels, and send 12m+ emails a month. Online reaches 0.8m Unique Users per month, social ~23m and CRM ~2m.

Automated Claiming of Content on YouTube

We currently have 11 primary BBC YouTube channels that generate more than 17 million video views per month across the world. We publish between 50 and 100 new videos per month. All this content is governed by copyright and IP rights, and we have contractual obligation to protect it. For that reason, we are very diligent in reconnecting all our videos that are not uploaded by us with our brands and official YouTube channels.

We are looking for a team with an innovative solution to improve the speed and accuracy of claiming our content from across YouTube. Ideally, your solution should automatically surface content based on predefined keywords, titles, descriptions, tags and other metadata that is not picked up by Content ID.

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Digital Traffic Trading

Our digital marketing team work on delivering a range of digital-first content and communications, from short form video to influencer marketing, in order to grow audiences across our digital platforms. The content and messaging is mainly distributed across our global brands’ digital ecosystem – made up of owned and earned channels. We continuously work on optimising the effectiveness and engagement of our digital marketing. Sometimes this is achieved by exchanging and trading traffic with other complimentary publishers or brands.  

We would like to work with an innovative team to trial, and if successful, implement a solution to automate the trade and exchange our digital traffic with partners, at scale. We have seen similar products and exchange networks emerge around owned destination web publishers (e.g. ), but what about 3rd party platform traffic trading?  

As a minimum, the solution should allow us to search for and connect with new publishing partners around specific campaigns and content; customise the amount of traffic available for each exchange and over the life of the partnership; visibility and management of reciprocal activities; complete editorial control.

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Analytics and Insight Automation

We are looking for a solution to automatically capture and distribute content performance, customer analytics, sentiment analysis and insight on our content across linear and digital channels globally. This data will be used by our content sales and marketing teams for their marketing campaigns, trading and business decisions. The data and reports should be available in real-time.

The solution should also allow us for comparison and benchmark of our content performance against our immediate digital competitors.

As a minimum, the solution should allow to search for, view and download all research and insight reports by market, demographics, channel, campaigns and title. The reports should also include real-time overnight ratings on linear and digital channels, and performance and sentiment across the main social media.

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Digital Producers

We are looking for the next generation of digital producers and creative individuals with innovative formats and audience engagement ideas. We want to unlock new value, and create new digital IP, ultimately measured by increased revenues from content sales, distribution, and advertising opportunities or by increasing marketing value to our franchise brands.

There should be a focus on engaging with audiences through digital-first storytelling including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), AI and Messaging Bots, and other new products being rolled out by social media. We should be targeting audiences based on their actual online behavior, and will look for ideas that could only work in the digital realm (e.g. not a TV idea put on to the internet).

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BBC Earth - Audio

BBC Earth is a global portfolio brand that invites audiences everywhere to engage with the wonders of our universe. We bring amazing content, experiences and interactions to the world, across multiple platforms – premium content, branded channels, live events, digital and social media, Augemented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), theatrical releases for cinema and giant screen films, and consumer products.

We believe that celebrating and connecting with our world is more important than ever, across nature, science, space and the human race. We and our partners are continually innovating to find new stories and experiences to bring insight, enlightenment and fresh perspectives to inspire us to think and feel differently about our world. From the epic to the everyday, BBC Earth brings you face to face with heart pounding action, mind blowing ideas and the sheer wonder of being part of this amazing planet we call home. Commercially and internationally the brand is managed by BBC Worldwide.

In addition to the current digital portfolio, we would like to create new audio formats and products using our vast catalogue of BBC Earth’s audio and sounds of nature. Hence, we would like to work with innovative teams with creative audio products ideas and technology to publish them at scale. We are looking for the next generation and experimental audio products. So, think beyond traditional podcasts and audiobooks, and perhaps combine audio with AR and VR.

We want to unlock new value of the existing audio IP, as measured by increased revenues from content sales, distribution, and advertising opportunities. Therefore, your proposals should demonstrate how the products will increase existing engagement, generate new audiences, and unlock our audio Intellectual Properties value. Please take a look at our BBC Earth Unplugged YouTube channel for some inspiration.

Successful applicants will be awarded an opportunity to pitch and pilot their formats and content to BBC Worldwide Global Brands and to our partners on a Right of First Refusal or Rights of First Offer basis. If successful, we will offer a partnership on a revenue and / or licensing basis.

If your pitch is not successful on this occasion, we would like to enter your details to our “Digital Pioneers Collection” and call on your talent when new opportunities arise.

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