BBC Worldwide

2016 Finalists

We’ve been scouring through applications for this year’s programme and meeting with an incredible shortlist of companies. The caliber of applicants has been fantastic as always, so thank you to everyone who took time to apply. The search is now over and we are delighted to announce the BBC Worldwide Labs Class of 2016.

Here’s a little introduction to the class of 2016:

  Codec’s platform empowers Creatives to turn the problem of 'content-clutter' into a breakthrough solution. Using machine-learning and predictive content analytics, the platform generates deep Emotional and Strategic intelligence about an audience from their interactions with third party media, and translates this into real-time, interactive content-marketing recommendations driving ROI.

  Metadrift are creators of an immersive content discovery platform for desktop and VR, which offers the most engaging way for audiences to explore, discover and learn from content. The machine learning platform also enables media organisations to realise the full value of their video content. The platform works by tapping into our innate curiosity and by making the journey of discovery as engaging and exciting as possible.

  Smoogs have developed pay-as-you-go software which is integrated it into media players to enable streaming services that offer movies, TV shows, music, tutorials, books or any other content charge customers as they consume [vs. the full episode or book]. One of their business goals is to promote financial inclusion through the use of Bitcoins.

  Thoughtly, who have already done some early stage work with our Insight team offer a platform that develops enterprise tools that leverage artificial intelligence for the automated screening, visualization and summarization of text. They provide non-technical users, with tools that allow them to quickly assess otherwise insurmountable amounts of data in real time. For media companies, they create automated content genomes, which helps guides content production, distribution and licensing throughout the company.

As in previous years, BBC Worldwide Labs will be offering the selected companies six months of mentoring from experts across the business while exploring potential commercial partnerships with divisions across the business. The start-ups are invited to share office space in our UK HQ, in the iconic TV Centre in White City for the duration of the programme, starting from 7th November.

If you want to find out more or arrange a meeting with the companies click here.