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Your Application

We welcome applications from startups, scale-ups and established companies. Some of our opportunities also call for creative individuals and non-incorporated teams to apply. Further detail on which of these opportunities require these skills are detailed in the description of those opportunities.

Please note, some of the opportunities call for specific skills and experience, in addition to the criteria specified below:

Selection criteria

  • UK and non-UK start-ups, scale-ups and established companies
  • As a minimum, you are post seed with a solid working prototype on the verge of launch
  • Highly experienced teams in either applicable technology, format or media industry traction
  • The potential of scale to address the global market
  • An interest to pursue a commercial deal with BBC Worldwide and our partners
  • Sufficient funding to support a trial, pilot or proof of concept, if required

Successful applicants will be awarded the opportunity to pilot their solutions with BBC Worldwide and, if applicable, our partners. If the pilot meets the criteria specified at the beginning of the projects, we will work with you on scaling it up and deploying it across our global business and with our partners. Our ambition is that pilots lead to longer term strategic partnerships, but acceptance to the project, doesn’t automatically assume it.

If we consider your product, format or content to be suitable for our partners, successful applicants will be awarded an opportunity to pitch alongside BBC Worldwide to our partners on a Right of First Refusal or Rights of First Offer basis. Our partners include such global brands like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Snap.

If your pitch is not successful on this occasion, but we see a potential of working with you on other projects in the future, we would like to enter your details to our “Digital Pioneers Collection” and contact you to discuss new opportunities as they arise.

For start-ups, we will offer mentorship, access to our network of collaborators and partners, and potential use of our London HQ, on a case by case basis. Please indicate if this is of interest and we will discuss during your pitch session.

***NOTE: Not all pilots offer funding. Please, apply to those only if you are able to financially support yourself and the team prior the partnership / scale-up stage.


The deadline for responses is clearly indicated on each of the opportunities. After reviewing all the applications, we will shortlist five companies to continue to the next stage. We’ll contact all applicants – successful or not – within 30 days of the closing date to let them know the outcome of their application. Due to large number of applications BBC Worldwide Labs usually receive, we may not be able to give you detailed feedback on why your application wasn’t successful.


You’ll be working with our teams based in our London HQ in Television Centre. Whilst we don’t offer an office space for the duration of the trial, it will be possible for you to occasionally hot-desk with us in for the initial period of the trial. The details will be agreed with each winning team individually.